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Ready To Start Your Driving Lessons? Book Your Beginners Driving Course Now & Get Your First 3 Hours For Only £60


Our beginner driving lessons have been planned and developed to give you all the skills you need to get out on the road amongst the traffic as quickly as possible.

On the BEGINNER'S COURSE you will:

Learn safety checks on entering & leaving the vehicle

Learn about the controls

Moving off and stopping the car

Learn how to steer correctly

Learn how the clutch works

     Learn how to change the gears

Plus so much more

beginners course


What to expect on your driving lesson

When you get into the driving seat on your first driving lesson it might seem quite daunting, but there is no need to worry as we aren't expecting you to drive off straight away onto a busy road. You will probably be feeling quite nervous but that will soon pass as you start to enjoy the lesson

How to Prepare for your First Driving Lesson?

On your first driving lesson, it is important that you bring your provisional driving license with you. Your Driving Instructor will ask you for your Provisional driving licence and  will need to see it before he/she is legally allowed to take you out on a driving lesson.

Dress for Success

It  is important to make sure you have dressed appropriately for your driving lesson. You should wear comfortable, flat soled shoes (no heels or thick soled trainers) and dress casually but smart.

Remember your Glasses

 Your Driving Instructor must ensure that your eyesight is in line with minimum Driving Standards Agency eyesight standards. He will ask you to read a nearby vehicle registration plate before the driving lesson can go any further. This means being able to read a  vehicle number plate in clear daylight (with your corrective lenses if you wear them) from 20.5 meters away.

On your first driving lesson

Your first lesson will begin with your Driving Instructor driving  the vehicle to a suitable location (generally off road ) They will get you into the driving seat and introduce you to the controls of the car (what all those levers, buttons, and flashing lights do!) plus why, when and how to use them. Remember to ask your instructor questions if there are any parts you don’t understand.

How Much Control Do You Get?

Your car will be fitted with dual controls which means that the instructor has a set of pedals on their side of the car. This lets them take over or help you out if you are struggling. If it looks like you’ve lost control for a moment, they will be on hand to bring the car to a stop quickly and safely, and give you time to recover your poise! Don't expect too much the first time you have a go.You will not be expected to change gears, steer perfectly or manoeuvre but instead, build up your driving ability so you become a competent and safe road user. Your instructor will introduce the various controls of the car and concepts in easy to manage stages and over time, you will come to use all the skills you have learned in tandem with each other.

After your first driving lesson

Once your lesson has finished your driving instructor will drive you back to your pickup point and he/she will review the lesson and discuss the steps you will take over your next lessons. 

Ready To Start Your Driving Lessons? Book Your Beginners Driving Course Now & Get Your First 3 Hours For Only £60

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